Kubernetes 1.21 Release Information

Information regarding the current release cycle including important dates, Release Team contact information, tracking spreadsheets and more!

Kubernetes 1.21 : Power to the Community

Kubernetes 1.21 : Power to the Community

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The 1.21 release cycle is proposed as follows:

  • Monday, January 11th: Week 1 - Release cycle begins
  • Tuesday, February 9th: Week 5 - Enhancements Freeze
  • Tuesday, March 9th: Week 9 - Code Freeze
  • Wednesday, March 24: Week 11 - Test Freeze
  • Wednesday, March 31st: Week 12 - Docs must be completed and reviewed
  • Thursday, April 8th: Week 13 - Kubernetes v1.21.0 released
  • Thursday, April 15th: Week 14 - Release Retrospective


Start of Release CycleLeadMon January 11week 1master-blocking
Start Enhancements TrackingEnhancements LeadTue January 12week 1
1.21.0-alpha.1 releasedBranch Manager (@puerco)Wed January 13week 1
Schedule finalizedLeadThurs January 14week 1
Team finalizedLeadFriday January 15week 1
1.21.0-alpha.2 releasedBranch Manager (@sethmccombs)Tue January 26week 3
Begin Enhancements Freeze (EOD PST)Enhancements LeadTue February 9thweek 5master-blocking, master-informing
1.21.0-alpha.3 releasedBranch Manager (@ameukam)Tue February 9week 5
1.21.0-beta.0 releasedBranch Manager (@onlydole)Tue February 23week 7
Begin Burndown (MWF meetings)LeadMon March 1week 81.21-blocking, master-blocking, master-informing
Call for ExceptionsLeadMon March 1week 8
Brace Yourself, Code Freeze is ComingComms / Bug TriageMon March 1week 8
Begin Feature blog freezeComms LeadMon March 1week 8
1.21.0-beta.1 releasedBranch Manager (@mkorbi)Tue March 9week 9
Begin Code Freeze (EOD PST)Branch ManagerTue March 9week 9
Burndown Meetings dailyLeadMon March 15week 10
Docs deadline - Open placeholder PRsDocs LeadTue March 16week 10
Docs deadline - PRs ready for reviewDocs LeadWed March 24week 11
Test Freeze (EOD PST)Branch ManagerWed March 24week 11
1.21.0-rc.0 releasedBranch Manager (@puerco)Thu March 25week 11
release-1.21 branch createdBranch ManagerThu March 25week 11
release-1.21 jobs createdBranch ManagerThu March 25week 11
Start final draft of Release NotesRelease Notes LeadThu March 25week 11
Release blog ready to reviewComms / DocsThu March 25week 11
Docs complete - All PRs reviewed and ready to mergeDocs LeadWed March 31week 12
Feature blogs ready to reviewEnhancement Owner / SIG LeadsWed March 31week 12
Release Notes complete - reviewed & merged to k/sig-releaseRelease Notes LeadMon April 5week 13
v1.21.0 releasedBranch Manager (@puerco)Thu April 8week 13
Release blog publishedCommsThu April 8week 13
ThawBranch ManagerThu April 8week 13
Release retrospectiveCommunityThu April 15Week 14


Please refer to the release phases document.