Kubernetes 1.30 Release Information

Information regarding the current release cycle including important dates, Release Team contact information, tracking spreadsheets and more!

Kubernetes 1.30

  • This document
  • Release Team
  • Meeting Minutes (members of [release-team@] receive meeting invites)
  • [v1.30 Release Calendar][k8s130-calendar]
  • Contact: [#sig-release] on slack, release-team on e-mail
  • [Internal Contact Info] (accessible only to members of [release-team@])

Tracking docs



The 1.30 release cycle is as follows:


WhatWhoWhenWeekCI Signal
Start of Release CycleLeadMonday 8th January 2024week 1[master-blocking]
Start Enhancements TrackingEnhancements LeadMonday 8th January 2024week 1
Schedule finalizedLeadFriday 12th January 2024week 1
Team finalizedLeadFriday 12th January 2024week 1
Start Release Notes DraftRelease Notes LeadTuesday 23th January 2024week 3
1.30.0-alpha.1 releasedBranch ManagerTuesday 30th January 2024Week 4
Production Readiness FreezeEnhancements LeadThursday 01st February 2024week 4
Begin [Enhancements Freeze]Enhancements Lead02:00 UTC Friday 9th February 2024 / 18:00 PDT Thursday 8th February 2024week 5[master-blocking], [master-informing]
1.30.0-alpha.2 releasedBranch ManagerTuesday 13th February 2024Week 6
Docs deadline — Open placeholder PRsDocs LeadThursday 22nd February 2024week 7
Begin Friday APAC-friendly meetingsLeadFriday 23rd February 2024Week 7
Call for [Exceptions][Exception]LeadMonday 26th February 2024week 8
Brace Yourself, Code Freeze is ComingComms / Release SignalMonday 26th February 2024week 8
1.30.0-alpha.3 releasedBranch ManagerTuesday 27th February 2024Week 8
Begin Feature blog freezeComms Lead02:00 UTC Wednesday 27th February 2024 / 18:00 PDT Tuesday 26th February 2024week 8
Begin [Code Freeze]Branch Manager02:00 UTC Wednesday 6th March 2024 / 18:00 PDT Tuesday 5th March 2024week 9
Deprecations and Removals blog publishedCommsThursday 7th March 2024week 9
Preparing for Feature blogs review — Initiating outreachCommsMonday 11th March 2024week 10
1.30.0-beta.0 releasedBranch ManagerTuesday 12th March 2024week 10
Docs deadline — PRs ready for reviewDocs LeadTuesday 12th March 2024Week 10
KubeCon EUTuesday 19th - Friday 22nd March 2024week 11
Begin [Burndown] (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday meetings)LeadMonday 18th March 2024week 11
Major Themes deadlineCommsTuesday 19th March 2024week 11
Start final draft of Release NotesRelease Notes LeadTuesday 19th March 2024week 11
Release blog ready to reviewComms / Docs01:00 UTC Wednesday 20th March 2024 / 18:00 PDT Tuesday 19th March 2024week 11
Feature blogs ready to reviewEnhancement Owner / SIG LeadsFriday 22nd March 2024week 11
Burndown Meetings daily (Tuesday & Thursday over Slack)LeadMonday 25th March 2024Week 12
[Test Freeze]Branch Manager01:00 UTC Wednesday 27th March 2024 / 18:00 PDT Tuesday 26th March 2024week 12
release-1.30 branch createdBranch ManagerTuesday 26th March 2024week 12
release-1.30 jobs createdBranch ManagerTuesday 26th March 2024week 12
1.30.0-rc.0 releasedBranch ManagerTuesday 26th March 2024week 12[1.30-blocking], [master-blocking], [master-informing]
Docs FreezeDocs LeadTuesday 26th March 2024week 12
Major Themes completeRelease Notes LeadTuesday 2nd April 2024week 13
1.30.0-rc.1 releasedBranch ManagerTuesday 2nd April 2024week 13
1.30.0-rc.2 releasedBranch ManagerThursday 11th April 2024week 14[1.30-blocking], [master-blocking], [master-informing]
Release Notes complete — reviewed & merged to https://github.com/kubernetes/kubernetesRelease Notes LeadWednesday 17th April 2024week 15
v1.30.0 releasedBranch ManagerWednesday 17th April 2024week 15
Release blog publishedCommsWednesday 17th April 2024week 15
[Thaw]Branch ManagerWednesday 17th April 2024week 15