Kubernetes 1.21 Release Information

Information regarding the current release cycle including important dates, Release Team contact information, tracking spreadsheets and more!

Kubernetes 1.21

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The 1.21 release cycle is proposed as follows:

  • Monday, January 11th: Week 1 - Release cycle begins
  • Tuesday, February 9th: Week 5 - Enhancements Freeze
  • Tuesday, March 9th: Week 9 - Code Freeze
  • Wednesday, March 24: Week 11 - Test Freeze
  • Wednesday, March 31st: Week 12 - Docs must be completed and reviewed
  • Thursday, April 8th: Week 13 - Kubernetes v1.21.0 released
  • Thursday, April 15th: Week 14 - Release Retrospective


Start of Release CycleLeadMon January 11week 1master-blocking
Start Enhancements TrackingEnhancements LeadTue January 12week 1
1.21.0-alpha.1 releasedBranch ManagerWed January 13week 1
Schedule finalizedLeadThurs January 14week 1
Team finalizedLeadFriday January 15week 1
1.21.0-alpha.2 releasedBranch ManagerTue January 26week 3
Begin Enhancements Freeze (EOD PST)Enhancements LeadTue February 9thweek 5master-blocking, master-informing
1.21.0-alpha.3 releasedBranch ManagerTue February 9week 5
1.21.0-beta.0 releasedBranch ManagerTue February 23week 7
Begin Burndown (MWF meetings)LeadMon March 1week 81.21-blocking, master-blocking, master-informing
Call for ExceptionsLeadMon March 1week 8
Brace Yourself, Code Freeze is ComingComms / Bug TriageMon March 1week 8
Begin Feature blog freezeComms LeadMon March 1week 8
1.21.0-beta.1 releasedBranch ManagerTue March 9week 9
Begin Code Freeze (EOD PST)Branch ManagerTue March 9week 9
Burndown Meetings dailyLeadMon March 15week 10
Docs deadline - Open placeholder PRsDocs LeadTue March 16week 10
Docs deadline - PRs ready for reviewDocs LeadWed March 24week 11
Test Freeze (EOD PST)Branch ManagerWed March 24week 11
1.21.0-rc.0 releasedBranch ManagerTue March 25week 11
release-1.21 branch createdBranch ManagerTue March 25week 11
release-1.21 jobs createdBranch ManagerTue March 25week 11
Start final draft of Release NotesRelease Notes LeadTue March 25week 11
Release blog ready to reviewComms / DocsTue March 25week 11
Docs complete - All PRs reviewed and ready to mergeDocs LeadWed March 31week 12
Feature blogs ready to reviewEnhancement Owner / SIG LeadsWed March 31week 12
Release Notes complete - reviewed & merged to k/sig-releaseRelease Notes LeadMon April 5week 13
v1.21.0 releasedBranch ManagerThu April 8week 13
Release blog publishedCommsThu April 8week 13
ThawBranch ManagerThu April 8week 13
Release retrospectiveCommunityThu April 15Week 14


Please refer to the release phases document.