Events and Activities

Events, activities, and games planned for the Contributor Celebration

NOTE: This list is not complete or final, there will be room for more :)


Kubernetes Contributor Awards

Kubernetes SIG Co-Chairs and Tech Leads would like for you to attend this special event where we honor and dedicate the hard work that the community has been working on. These peer awards are a tradition at the Kubernetes Contributor Summits so we are bringing them virtual, please join us to thank and support all the people who have worked hard to help us this year.

Most Extreme Kubernetes Challenge - DevOps Party Game

DevOps Party Games takes the idea of “online party games” and tilts it on its head by adding DevOps-inspired content to existing games, and then streams it live via Twitch for a worldwide audience to watch, comment, and hopefully be entertained. In addition, the hosts (Matt Stratton, Jeremy Meiss, and Dan Maher) will provide color commentary, much like a modern day Cotton McKnight and Pepper Brooks (announcers from Dodgeball).” There will be a Kubernetes slant for this edition of DevOps Party Games.

The Great Cloud Native Bake Off

We take cooking and baking pretty seriously in the Cloud Native ecosystem; we do have a Cloud Native Community Cookbook after all. “We will be selecting 6 to 8 Kubernetes contributors to participate in the second annual BakeOff (K8sBO). No professional experience is required … just enthusiasm, availability, and the willingness to wash a lot of dishes.” If you’re interested in baking, please sign up for the Bake Off as soon as possible.