Location & Venue

Salt Palace Convention Center

Registration and badge pick-up will be available at the Salt Palace Convention Center. You MUST pick up your badge before attending the summit or evening social event.

The summit will be in the Salt Palace Convention Center. Masks are recommended, but not required for event attendees.

90 South West Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

Contributor Social Location

The Contributor Social will be held on the evening of the 11th, at a location to be determined.


Issues with Utah Laws

Earlier this year, the state of Utah passed HB 257. The summit staff team recognizes that HB 257 and related legislation have created an environment that could be hostile to valued members of our community.

We are not lawyers ourselves, and we rely on the interpretations of lawyers and authoritative organizations to understand the effects and risks these bills pose to ourselves and our community. We encourage each individual to assess the risk these laws and their effects pose. Some resources we recommend for better understanding the law and its potential effects include:

In the blog post linked above, the CNCF offers to provide a security escort to any attendee upon request. If any contributor attendees would like to submit a request for security to the CNCF, please contact the CNCF events team directly at events@cncf.io or the KCSNA 2024 summit staff team at summit-team@kubernetes.io.

It has been the Kubernetes’ project’s practice to hold Contributor Summits in places where there are large gatherings of contributors, even if those places have exclusionary laws. By holding Summits around the world, we try to make sure that all contributors able to travel can participate in at least one.