Contributor Social

Join us at Deluxx Fluxx Detroit from 6pm to 9pm for an evening celebration after the Contributor Summit on October 24th!

There will be arcade cabinets, foosball, karaoke, trivia and more!

The contributor social is not a public event. You must be registered in advance to attend the Contributor Summit in order to attend the Social, and must be a Kubernetes contributor. Community members who are not registered and show up at the Social will be turned away.


1274 Library St
Detroit, MI 48226

Bringing A Guest

Contributors will be able to bring a single family member or partner to the Social. This does not include coworkers or casual friends; our intention is to support domestic partners and close family of contributors by including them.

NOTE: Guests must adhere to all KubeCon health & safety requirements.

To bring a guest, please email with their information by October 17th.