Contributor Social

Contributor Social at La Casa Del Mar

From 6:30 to 8:30pm (and beyond), Kubernetes contributors will be schmoozing, eating, playing boardgames, and competing in a pub quiz at La Casa Del Mar, a cafe and bar by the beach in Valencia.

The Social is open only to registered attendees of the Kubernetes Contributor Summit and possibly their guests (see below). You must be registered before attending.

Location And Transportation

The Contributor Social will be held at the La Casa de la Mar several kilometers from the Feria.

As such, a bus will leave from The Fira (conference venue) at 6pm on May 16th to take contributors to the Social. The bus will return after 8:30pm.

Some contributors will leave from their hotels; if you want to share a cab from your hotel or another location, sign up on the cab-sharing sheet.

You are also welcome to get there on your own. There aren’t any good public transportation links to the venue.


Games! Prizes!

Lachlan Evenson will lead a live pub quiz of Kubernetes trivia. Play alone' or in teams; the winning team/player will get prizes.

Contributors are urged to bring boardgames with them to the Social. The venue has many small tables perfect for playing games with a few other contributors.

For first-time Contributor Summit attendees, we’ll also have Bingo Cards intended to help you break the ice with more experienced contributors. The first folks to complete vertical row, horizontal row, and blackout on their bingo cards will win prizes.

Food & Drink

La Casa Del Mar serves American-Spanish hybrid pub food, and we’ll have substantial snacks available for all contributors, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Bringing A Guest

Contributors will be able to bring a single family member or partner to the Social. This does not include coworkers or casual friends; our intention is to support domestic partners and close family of contributors by including them.

Guests must be fully vaccinated and adhere to all other KubeCon health & safety requirements.

If you would like to bring a guest, please fill out the request form.

If you have questions about guests, then contact us.