Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When is the summit taking place?

May 16th, the Monday of KubeCon Europe.

Where is the summit located?

The in-person location at the Feria Valencia, See the Location & Venue section for more information.

Will I be able to attend remotely?

No, based on our experience with Kubecon NA 2021, we do not expect to be able to support remote access for this event.

Why is vaccination required to attend in-person?

As a co-located event, the summit is required to adhere to KubeCon’s Health & Safety Guidelines. There may be additional restrictions that develop closer to the event, and we will update the event accordingly to follow venue, municipality and CDC guidelines at a minimum.

Do I need to wear a mask?

All attendees are required to wear masks except when eating or drinking. Eating and drinking should be kept to designated areas.

Why do I need to be a Kubernetes Org member to attend in-person?

With uncertain attendance and staffing, we made this decision to ensure we can put on an event to the best of our ability.

Kubernetes Orgs:

If you are not yet a member, but active within the project, please consider joining! The process of joining is straight forward. See our org membership docs for more information. If your application to join is pending, please contact us at about registering.

What is a sponsored attendee?

If you are a SIG lead or subproject owner and there is someone that is not yet an org member or from another project that might take part in a panel, SIG face-to-face meeting etc, you can sponsor them to attend the summit. Please email us to make arrangements.

I have an idea for a session

Most of the Summit will be unconference-style, so you will have an opportunity to propose a session the morning of the Summit. However, we have a couple of time slots for plenary sessions around the unconference ones, so if you have a topic that you think needs the whole community’s attention, please add it to the issue.

My SIG wants to meet at the Summit

We will provide space for SIG, WG, Committee, and other Kubernetes team meetings at the Summit. If you think your team will want to hold one of these, please add your team to the meeting schedule.

Will there be a doc sprint?

Yes, SIG-Docs plans to hold a Doc Sprint at the Summit, which will run for the full day from 11am to 5pm.

Will there be a New Contributor Workshop?

No, with uncertain attendance and staffing, we made this decision to ensure we can put on an event to the best of our ability. For those that are interested in becoming a contributor, SIG ContribEx plans to launch a course later this year.

Until then, here are some additional resources you may find useful:

Can I bring a guest to the Social?

Contributors will be allowed to bring a single family member or partner to the social (a “plus one”). See the Social page to request a guest pass.

I have a question! How do I contact the event staff?

You can email us or pop into the #contributor-summit slack channel to ask a question. :)