As we are not holding the formal Contributor Summit, we are not running conference registration. SIGs and subprojects who choose to hold a mini-event will be responsible for any kind of signups they need to manage.

We will be holding an evening social event, however, and have an RSVP link for attendees. To attend the social, you must be a member or active contributor of one of the Kubernetes GitHub Orgs (e.g., kubernetes or kubernetes-sigs) or a sponsored attendee. If you are an active contributor but not a member, consider applying for org membership!

If you have questions, please see the faq or reach out to us at

Registration is currently closed.

NOTE: Any in-person events held by SIGs and subprojects will follow KubeCon’s Health & Safety Guidelines requiring ALL in-person attendees to be fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.