Events and Activities

Events, activities, and games planned for the Contributor Celebration

NOTE: This list is not complete or final, there will be room for more :)


Kubernetes Contributor Awards

Kubernetes SIG Co-Chairs and Tech Leads would like for you to attend this special event where we honor and dedicate the hard work that the community has been working on. These peer awards are a tradition at the Kubernetes Contributor Summits so we are bringing them virtual, please join us to thank and support all the people who have worked hard to help us this year.

DevOps Party Games: Most Extreme Kubernetes Contributor Challenge

DevOps Party Games takes the idea of “online party games” and tilts it on its head by adding DevOps-inspired content to existing games, and then streams it live via Twitch for a worldwide audience to watch, comment, and hopefully be entertained. In addition, the hosts (Matt Stratton, Jeremy Meiss, and Dan Maher) will provide color commentary, much like a modern day Cotton McKnight and Pepper Brooks (announcers from Dodgeball).

For this edition there will be a twist! All participants are Kubernetes contributors! Join your hosts Matty Stratton (main DPG host) + Paris Pittman (K8s Steering Committee) with fellow contributor and maintainer participants: Laura Lorenz (sig-multicluster), Tim Hockin (sig-network), Tabitha Sable (sig-security), Xing Yang (sig-storage), Adolfo Garcia (sig-release), Kat Cosgrove (sig-release), Dims Srinivas (Steering, sig-architecture), Danielle Lancashire (sig-node)

Cloud Native Community Cookbook - Kiwi Hackbach Edition

Hippie’s Hackbach will be cooking up a couple recipes from our Cloud Native Community Cookbook… and in true open-source style, everyone is encouraged to cook along in your own kitchen! From one of the many existing recipes, or add you own (via a PR of course)! We hope is to create a new release of the cookbook and send physical copy it out to the folks in attendance.


All day December 16th, creative folks will be showing up in the Krafternetes channel on Discord to share art, music, and performances. Between studio tours, a collaborative “quick draw” session, or online performances, the artists of Kubernetes will have events all day to share with you. If you’re interested in participating, speak up in channel Krafternetes on slack.

Kubernetes the Tabletop RPG

Comms go to static, and all you can see is a blinding red flash meaning this space ship is now in HIGH_ALERT. Will you and the rest of the crew make it off this asteroid mining hauler alive? @lauralorenz is GMing a Contributor Summit special one-shot of the Tabletop RPG “Mothership”. And you just know that in this sci-fi horror fantasy world, all life support and warp systems are running on k8s version 1.23 – which wouldn’t be as scary if the game world wasn’t in the year 2491. No tabletop roleplaying experience required, 6 players maximum, PG-13 content and 2 hour timebox. You will need access to voice and 2 d10 die (or use the dice widget on Google search). Sign up here for Thursday or Friday night sessions.