Events and Activities

Events, activities, and games planned for the Contributor Celebration

NOTE: This list is not complete or final, there will be room for more :)


Kubernetes Contributor Awards

Kubernetes SIG Co-Chairs and Tech Leads would like for you to attend this special event where we honor and dedicate the hard work that the community has been working on. These peer awards are a tradition at the Kubernetes Contributor Summits so we are bringing them virtual, please join us to thank and support all the people who have worked hard to help us this year.

Most Extreme Kubernetes Challenge - DevOps Party Game

Join Ian Coldwater along with Jeremy Meiss as they host a special edition of the DevOps Party Game. We will have Kubernetes questions and panelists to take this variation of a party game to another level! There will be two sessions to cover time zones, and we’ll be broadcasting this to the Kubernetes YouTube channel. Audience participation makes this a fun time for all attendees!

We will be giving away lots of great prizes!

The Great Cloud Native Bake Off

A virtual cooking even styled after the Great British Bake-off will be held during the Kubernetes celebration Event hosted by CNCF Ambassador Kat Cosgrove on Saturday Dec 12 at 12pm PT.

  • Contestants will have 90 minutes to cook a Kubernetes themed dessert. Anything goes, as long as the majority of preparation is done live. The competition is open to all skill levels, from baking from a cake mix to grinding your own flour as long as you can theme it to Kubernetes.
  • Contestants will be responsible for their own recipes and acquiring their ingredients. If you need help with either of these, let us know!
  • Contestants will be expected to join a video conference call 30 mins prior to kick off, and should have a phone or ipad with a stand (or a patient friend ) to capture them preparing their dessert.
  • Our Host and Commentators will provide commentary on our contestants and will ask each contestant questions through the event. At the end of the 90minutes we’ll be joined by an esteemed group of expert judges who will judge your (hopefully completed) dessert on the following criteria:
    • Execution: How well does it fit the “Kubernetes theme”
    • Appearance: How does it look?
    • Taste: Obviously the judges can’t taste it, so they’ll need to be creative for this one.

We’re looking for cooks of all backgrounds and talents. If this sounds like fun to you and you want to cook with us, email with the subject “Great Kubernetes Bake-off”. List your name, company you work for, your self-assessed cooking skills (from 1 to 5, 5 being Gordon Ramsey), a twitter handle (or other social media) and any other details you wish to provide.

Party Games

For Linux players, there are no game specific instructions, but many can run on Linux through proton

NOTE: These are attendee suggestion driven and should not be considered an endorsement for the Kubernetes project as a whole.

Among Us

NOTE: It’s Cross-Platform!

Join your crewmates in a multiplayer game of teamwork and betrayal!

Play online with 4-10 community members as you attempt to hold your spaceship together and return back to civilization. But beware…as there may be alien impostors aboard!

One or two crewmates have been replaced by parasitic shapeshifters. Their goal is to eliminate the rest of the crew before the ship reaches home. The Impostors will sabotage the ship, sneak through vents, deceive, and frame others to remain anonymous and kill off the crew.

While everyone is fixing up the ship, no one can talk to maintain anonymity. Once a body is reported, the surviving crew will openly debate who they think The Impostor is. The Impostors’ goal is to pretend that they are a member of the crew. If The Impostor is not voted off, everyone goes back to maintaining the ship until another body is found. If The Impostors are voted off, the crew wins!

Reporting: There is no in-game reporting mechanism. If there is an issue with a Kubernetes community member, please use the /report command or contact the CoCC directly.

Animal Crossing

“Escape to a deserted island and create your own paradise as you explore, create, and customize in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game. Your island getaway has a wealth of natural resources that can be used to craft everything from tools to creature comforts. You can hunt down insects at the crack of dawn, decorate your paradise throughout the day, or enjoy sunset on the beach while fishing in the ocean. The time of day and season match real life, so each day on your island is a chance to check in and find new surprises all year round.

Show off your island utopia to family and friends—or pack your bags and visit theirs. Whether playing online* or with others beside you**, island living is even better when you can share it. Even without hopping on a flight, you’ll meet a cast of charming animal residents bursting with personality. Friendly faces like Tom Nook and Isabelle will lend their services and happily help you grow your budding community. Escape to your island getaway—however, whenever, and wherever you want.” - Nintendo

Reporting: See Nintendo’s doc: How to Report Profanity or Offensive Behavior

Destiny 2

Destiny is a multiplayer scifi/fantasy space shooter game with lots of guns and space super powers. Players can team up in 3 person squads for missions called strikes, 4 player teams for Gambit, and up to 6v6 in player-vs-player.

Preparation: The base game is free to play, however there is no cross play, so we’ll have to group up by platform. Download the game before the event since it’s about 70GB. You’ll probably want to do the tutorial campaign ahead of time to get a feel for the game. Ideally complete enough of the introduction to be able to head to “The Tower”.

Reporting: Reporting can be done via the “Roster” tab in game. Generally speaking chat is done via third party tools so other than player usernames you don’t typically chat with other players. If there is an issue with a Kubernetes community member, please use the /report command or contact the CoCC directly.

Guides / New Player Coaches: Jorge Castro (PC), Allison Downey(PC),and Wayne Witzel(PC)

Fall Guys

Up to 60 players compete in matches with battle royale-style gameplay. Players, represented as jellybean-like figures, move around a three-dimensional playing field, with additional moves such as jumping, grabbing/climbing, or diving to assist gameplay. The aim is to qualify for subsequent rounds by successfully completing each of the randomly selected mini-games. Certain mini-games involve running towards a finish line at the end of the map, while others add elements of teamwork. On every mini-game, obstacles appear around the map for added complexity. Players who are too slow or who fail certain requirements for a mini-game are eliminated. On the final round, the remaining few players compete in a final match with a randomised mini-game designed for a smaller player size. The winner of the match is the last player standing.

Reporting: There is no in-game reporting mechanism. If there is an issue with a Kubernetes community member, please use the /report command or contact the CoCC directly.

[Game Site][sk-site] is a free multiplayer drawing and guessing game. One game consists of a few rounds in which every round someone has to draw their chosen word and others have to guess it to gain points! The person with the most points at the end of the game will then be crowned as the winner!

When it’s your turn to draw, you will have to choose a word from three options and visualize that word in 80 seconds, alternatively when somebody else is drawing you have to type your guess into the chat to gain points, be quick, the earlier you guess a word the more points you get!

Reporting: There is no in-game reporting mechanism. If there is an issue with a Kubernetes community member, please use the /report command or contact the CoCC directly.


Jackbox is a mainstay of the DevOps Party Games stream. The link is for Pack 7 but as the name implies, there’s quite a few others from over the years, each with different minigames. The host will have to stream their display for others to watch, Discord supports game streaming itself or you can use Twitch or YouTube or anything else you’re comfortable with.

Board Games

Just because we are internet-partying doesn’t mean we need to skimp on the board games! This is not an exhaustive list and if you have any questions please join us in the board-games channel on Discord! If you want to lead a game and there isn’t an open voice/video channel available, please ask for one in the mod-chat-public channel and we’ll be happy to make more!

Board Game Arena

  • Platforms: Browser
  • URL:
  • Cost: Mostly free, premium games require at least one paid player
  • Players: Varies by game, up to 10+

BGA hosts a wide variety of games, from classics like Connect Four to nerd staples like Innovation. Setup and hosting a game is super smooth. Highly recommended if they have a game you’re looking for.

Dominion Online

  • Platforms: Browser
  • URL:
  • Cost: Base game free, expansions require at least one paid player
  • Players: 2-6

The definitive online version of Dominion, a deck-building game. The website can be a bit graphically intensive for a tablet, but laptops should have no trouble. The original base game is free, and I would recommend new players stick to that anyway. If you want to unlock expansions there is a slightly awkward subscription option, it’s cheap but make sure you cancel if you aren’t going to keep using it. (Netrunner)

A fan-run, online version of Android: Netrunner, an older two-player card game. Unfortunately being a website for existing fans, it doesn’t have a tutorial to speak of so you will need an existing player to show you the ropes. But once you get in, it’s a very solid implementation of a great game. If you haven’t tried out a fully asymmetric game before, Netrunner is a fun way to expand your horizons.


  • Platforms: Browser, Mac, Windows
  • URL:
  • Cost: Many free, a lot of newer games require paid subscription
  • Players: Varies by game

Tabletopia is a generalized tabletop gaming simulator with support for thousands of games. Usually not quite as smooth as the previous options given its sandbox-y nature but allows for even very complex tabletop games. This also has free, native Mac and Windows clients if WebGL makes your browser sad.


Similar to BGA, Yucata is a fan-run site with many games on offer, all free and even allowing playing as a guest. The games are mostly a bit older and niche given the difficulties of securing licenses, but well implemented.


One step more niche than Yucata is Boiteajeux. But it is notable for having an online version of Dixit (think Apple to Apples or Cards Against Humanity but with paintings instead of words and stories instead of madlibs) and Agricola (the tableau-building game which unseated Puerto Rico as the BGG champion back in 2008).

Tabletop Simulator

Similar to Tabletopia, Tabletop Simulator is exactly what it sounds like, a gaming sandbox with a scripting system to implement games. It does offer a few dozen official games for an extra DLC charge, but the vast majority of the reason to use it is the incredibly extensive user-created selection in Steam Workshop. Some Workshop games are fully scripted, while others are just the pieces and cards and whatnot and you have to handle the rules yourself. It also support a VR mode, though more as a fun lark than something I would really recommend for a long gaming session.


If you know any boardgame nerds, they probably won’t shut up about Wingspan and I won’t either, it’s great. On top of being a fantastic game, this desktop version is gorgeous and has both real-time and async multiplayer support. It includes the 1 player solitaire Wingspan Automata but human and bot multiplayer too.

Race For The Galaxy

  • Platforms: Windows and Mac have pre-built versions, source available for Linux
  • URL:
  • Cost: Free
  • Players: 2-6

A bit of an odd one out, Keldon’s RFTG is a fan-made version of the tableau-building classic but with the blessing of the original publisher. Like other fan-made implementations, it doesn’t have a built-in tutorial but it does have a simple online multiplayer system. Linux users might need to compile it themselves. The defining feature is AI opponents but it also supports online play with other humans.

Terraforming Mars

Terraforming Mars is a well loved board game, though the digital version is a bit more buggy than I would like. The Prelude DLC has just launched though, so if you already own it on Steam and want a new challenge with friends, it’s always a good time! Online multiplayer does require creating a free Asmodee account.

Ticket To Ride

Another true classic, Ticket To Ride has been a staple of board game nights for over a decade. This also has numerous console and mobile ports, though I’m unsure if the online multiplayer is compatible between them.

Sentinels Of The Multiverse

A bit older but still putting out expansions, Sentinels is a superhero-themed cooperative card game where you work together to take down supervillians. All the original game expansions have now been released as DLC with Steam Workshop support coming soon for player-made expansions and new cards.

Roll For The Galaxy

The same developer as the earlier free Race has also built a full commercial release for the dice-based spinnoff Roll. As polished as the other retail games here, but with the clear heart of a true fan too. If you haven’t tried this game and like Race For The Galaxy, definitely check it out.

Virtual Photobooth

Turn on your webcams and bring out your silly faces! In lieu of taking a group photo at a contributor summit this year, let’s make a collage of all our awesome faces instead! Zero pressure and totally optional! Once you click the link and follow the directions you’ll see a 3-2-1 countdown and it’ll take your picture! Don’t worry, if you don’t like it, it gives you a chance to retake your photos before submitting. Smile!