Events in the Kubernetes Community

This section contains details about the meeting and events occurring in the Kubernetes Community.

Contributor Summit Europe 2022

Kubernetes Contributor Summit Europe, hosted in Valencia Spain.

Monthly Community Meeting

The Kubernetes community meeting is intended to provide a holistic overview of community activities, critical release information, and governance updates. It also provides a forum for discussion of project-level concerns that might need a wider audience than a single special interest group (SIG).

Contributor Summits

Contributor summits bring together new and current Kubernetes contributors to connect and learn from one another.

Office Hours

Office Hours is a live stream where we answer live questions about Kubernetes from users on the YouTube channel. Office hours are a regularly scheduled meeting where people can bring topics to discuss with the greater community. They are great for answering questions, getting feedback on how you’re using Kubernetes, or to just passively learn by following along.

Meet our Contributors

Meet Our Contributors gives you a monthly one-hour opportunity to ask questions about our upstream community, watch interviews with our contributors, and participate in peer code reviews.

Past Events

Previous events and community wide activities