New Contributor Course

A high-level, multi-part course for those who are just starting out

Welcome to the E-Learning for Contributors course for Kubernetes!

Each unit of this course consists of a slideshow and links to resources. Take your time reading the materials, and feel free to reach out to the community with questions.

The Kubernetes project is always evolving. To keep this course more relevant for longer, it is built with links to other resources rather than listing explicit steps and details. This keeps the training from falling out of step with the rest of the Kubernetes project.

We look forward to your contributions!

Section 1: Starting Out

Begin your journey to become a contributing member of the Kubernetes project!

Section 2: Getting Into GitHub

Learn how the Kubernetes organization uses GitHub and how to work with repositories there.

Section 3: Pull Requests

Learn how to submit and manage pull requests for the different Kubernetes repositories.

Section 4: Issues Management and Triage

Learn how to work with GitHub issues and how they are prioritized and organized.

Section 5: Getting Started with Kubernetes Development

This is the first unit of slides in the Kubernetes Contributor On-Boarding series.

Section 6: Testing

Learn about the different types of tests in the Kubernetes project and how to run them.

Section 7: Code Review

Find out everything there is to know about code review, including what to do when you need a reviewer.

Section 8: Community

Community and good communication are vital to the Kubernetes project. Learn how we do it!

Section 9: Documentation

Find out where Kubernetes documentation is located and how you can contribute to it.

Section 10: Architecture and Enhancements

Dig into the guts of Kubernetes and learn about its architecture and how to change it.