Communication Platform Guidelines and Policies

The Kubernetes project uses many communication platforms and mediums, such as mailing lists, Zoom and Slack. This area covers guidelines, policies and best practices for those platforms.

Calendar and Meeting Guidelines

Calendar and meeting guidelines, best practices, tips and troubleshooting guidance.

Community Survey Requests

Outlines the process and workflow for requesting surveys on behalf of the Kubernetes project.

Discuss Forum Guidelines

Overview of Discourse, it’s moderation capabilities and how they’re applied in the Kubernetes Forum, along with detailed instructions on requesting new categories.

Mailing List Guidelines

Guidelines for Mailing list (Google Group) creation, sharing, archival and moderation.

Moderation Rules and Responsibilities

Overview of community property moderator roles, responsibilities, selection, and best practices.

Moderator list

A list of the current communication property moderators and the timezones they cover.

Notification Management Best Practices

A collection of tips, filters, and best practices for managing Mailing List and GitHub notifications.

Slack Guidelines

These are the policies, procedures, and escalation mechanisms for the Slack platform, such as requesting channels, tokens, and how to report inappropriate content.

YouTube Channel Guidelines

This is an overview of community YouTube practices and admin responsibilities.

Zoom Guidelines

Policies, procedures and best practices for managing Zoom.