2021 Awards

2021 Contributor Award Recipients

By Special Interest Group (SIG) with listed message/nomination reason

API Machinery

Han Kang, @logicalhan
For their continued contributions related to the overlap with SIG Instrumentation.

Antoine Pelisse
For their long term effort and leadership on server-side-apply and the related wg-api-expression.


Aldo Culquicondor
For improving the jobs controller, expanding its functionality


Riaan Kleinhans
Conformance Work

Madhav Jivrajani
KEP Reading Club

Kirsten Garrison, @kikisdeliveryservice
Enhancements Subproject

Elana Hashman, @ehashdn
Production Readiness Reviews


Wayne, @wangyysde
Promoting the HPA v2 API to GA after being in beta for more than 3 years.


Natasha Sarkar
Maintaining Kustomize

Paco Xu
Holding down the APAC timezone for SIG-CLI by triaging and organization issues.

Chok Yip Lau
Shipped backlogged bug fixes and features requested by the community.


Cecile Robert-Michon
Long time Cluster API leader, maintainer, and active contributor

Paco Xu
Great contributor in the kubeadm sub-project, helping in multiple areas and onboarding new contributors


Josh Berkus, @jberkus
Paris Pittman, @parispittman

Thank you both for being a rock, and always willing to step up and help with the works that needs doing <3


Natali Vlatko, @natalisucks
Helping to shape the localization subproject efforts

Arsh Sharma, @RinkiyaKeDad
Helping to form the new contributor ambassador role


Damien Grisonnet
Work on core Kubernetes metrics, triage, bringing great ideas to SIG discussions, and thorough, detailed reviews.

Patrick Ohly
Stepping up to assist with the structured logging migration and adopting, coordinating, and completing an instrumental amount of work.


Laura Lorenz
Outstanding contributions pushing the ClusterProperty and Multicluster services projects forward with cross SIG collaboration.


Antonio Ojea, @aojea
For always volunteering for the dirtiest jobs and demonstrating an exemplary leadership attitude.

Kal Henidak
For keeping an eye on the ideal future, and trying hard to make it happen one step at a time.


Elana Hashman, @ehashdn
Driving broad community participation, improving and sustaining the health of SIG Node CI, helping new contributors.

Sergey Kanzhelev, @sergeykanzhelev
Driving broad community participation, improving and sustaining the health of SIG Node CI, helping new contributors.

Mrunal Patel, @mrunalp
New maintainer in the SIG Node kubelet sub-project and coordinating release feature goals.


Karen Chu For stepping up to be the 1.23 communications lead, reaching all deadlines in the 1.23 release cycle, and mentoring shadows that could succeed as communications lead in 1.24 and beyond.

Jesse Butler
For stepping up to be the 1.22 communications lead as a first time shadow and stepping up to be the 1.23 docs lead without release docs experience, reorienting the incoming communication lead, and for being a great mentor.

Nabarun Pal
For being a huge impact in SIG Release as the lead for the 1.21 release, as a release manager associate, as a branch manager shadow for the 1.23 release, for bringing the CI Signal tool into a Kubernetes community repository, and for being willing to contribute to the success of the project and the SIG.

Rey Lejano
For being a consistent contributor to SIG Release for some time across many releases and roles. When the 1.23 Release came around, he volunteered to lead the release when we were unable to identify a release lead.


Wojciech Tyczyński
Outstanding cross-SIG work working on P&F and Efficient watch resumption which required cross-SIG collaboration and were large contributions to multiple Kubernetes releases.


Savitha Raghunathan, @coffeeartgirl
Pushkar Joglekar, @PuDiJoglekar
Building a welcoming, encouraging community for new and experienced contributors, for being great examples on how we help each other grow, for seeing what needs to be done and putting in the work to do it while bringing others along.


Mike Dame
Leading the descheduler project, leading the refactoring effort to cut unneeded dependencies, for designing and implementing a new simplified scheduler plugin configuration API.


Hemant Kumar, @gnufied
Working on difficult bugs, long-standing reliability issues such as uncertain mounts, and slow mounts due to recursive fsgroup and fixing issues in order to move the volume expansion feature to GA

Jiawei Wang
Driving the CSI migration effort that has been ongoing for several releases and hosting meetings and working with maintainers across many cloud providers to move in-tree volume plugins to out-of-tree CSI drivers.


Arnaud Meukam, @ameukam
k8s-infra prow and migrating scalability jobs

Chao Dai
Automating prow updates

Claudiu Belu
Migrating Kubernetes to k8s.gcr.io/e2e-test-images


Sebastian Florek
Marcin Maciaszczyk

Both of their efforts maintaining Kubernetes Dashboard for over five years and keeping the Kubernetes Dashboard project healthy and secure


Cleopatra Enjeck
Helping SIG Usability operationalize how the SIG weighs feedback in the jobs-to-be-done study and helping the SIG make progress in analyzing the results of the study

Josie Pynadath
Interviewing and collecting results for SIG Usability’s study

Carl J. Pearson, @carljpearson
Creating and presenting a framework on how to “code” results from the jobs-to-be-done study that enables new contributors


Ravi Gudimetla
Established and runs the weekly SIG Windows CI/Triage meeting and for cross-SIG collaboration to get a new OS field added to Pod specs (alpha in v1.23) which will help solve many SIG Windows related issues such as being able to enforce OS specific policies during admission time.

Amim Knabben, @ak_ndb
Improving the developer experience for Windows related changes in Kubernetes which eases the on-ramp of developers to be involved with SIG Windows.