Announcing the Kubernetes Contributor Stories Series

By Matt Broberg

The Kubernetes contributor community is vast. We have tens of thousands of members by any conservative estimate and many hundreds involved day-to-day. We are from all around the world, all kinds of backgrounds, all types of expertise, and we are all Kubernetes contributors.

We also have this amazing new website dedicated specifically to Kubernetes contributors. With that in mind, let’s combine the two.

We are asking any and all contributors to share their unique story to highlight the many ways they show up to be part of the Kubernetes community. Here are some

How can I share my contributor story?

Contributor stories are welcome at this domain,, following our regular blogging practices. The main change is in the location: pull requests can be directed to the contributor site repository for this series.

If you want help brainstorming your story before submitting a draft, the Upstream Marketing Team is here to offer a hand. Reach out to us through our issue template, and we’ll be happy to coach you through the process.

Quick tips for a great contributor story

Looking for some quick inspiration for your story? Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Tell a story. Stories have an arc with a beginning, middle, and end. The best ones has a specific idea in mind. Find a theme and use that to focus.
  • Tell your story. Every one of us has a unique story to tell. Skip on third-person perspective and stick with “I” statements. It helps you write more quickly and it will connect with readers.
  • When in doubt, solve someone’s problem. What’s a challenge you faced while starting to contribute that you want others to have an easier time solving? If your story isn’t coming up naturally, shift to answering this question and you are sure to be inspired.

We hope this new series will provide a wide variety of stories from the many wonderful people who contribute in code and non-code ways. Stay tuned for the first of many contributor stories and good luck sharing your own. You can reach out to me directly or @contributor-comms in Slack for any feedback from the Upstream Marketing Team.