Announcing the Contributor Website

Welcome to, the Kubernetes Contributor website; built to become the one stop shop for Kubernetes contributor content and news. It brings important documentation scattered throughout the project into one central location.

Resources for contributors

At launch, the contributor site will host a subset of our documentation. Some highlights include (with short links in parenthesis):

  • Our contributor guide ( walks you through the first steps to becoming a contributor
  • The contributor cheatsheet ( has common tips and tricks for regular contribution
  • The community calendar ( shows all the upcoming community group meetings
  • Current release cycle information ( lets you stay up-to-date on upcoming release deadlines and milestones.

TIP: As seen above, the domain can be substituted for for easy short-linking :)

More resources to come

You can look forward to some of these other resources being offered here in the near future:

If you’d like to see some specific information surfaced on this site, please open an issue in the kubernetes-sigs/contributor-site repo detailing what sort of documentation you’d like to be surfaced.